Thursday, September 2, 2010

the result

"Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful..." Thank you, Stevie. I happen to think so.

Trevor and I are both thrilled about finally having double ovens. One for me, one for him.

See that little wall we built? It hides a desk (actually, a Costco plastic table until we get a desk) so that my countertops can remain junk-free (a woman can dream can't she?).

Notice the new windows (window treatments are still to come). One of my favorite things. Not only are they bigger, but gone are the sliders so they are one big piece of glass. Washing dishes with a nice view is much better than washing them without a view.

Sorry about how dark this one is. I can't get our lame camera to take it any differently. I recently told Trevor that I think we should get a better camera. It probably wasn't the best thing to say after just having finished this project!
And, finally, from the back. New deck, new windows (that don't scream, "Look at me!") and new siding.

I told you it was worth the wait.

Next up: landscaping!

P.S.  A shout out to Diane for helping me pick out everything!


rebecca said...

2 thumbs up! It's all gorgeous!

Reese said...

Love it Becky!! I can't wait to see it in person......I love what you have done, it really looks so different. I love your new place for the table too, what a difference!

Jamie said...

WOW! are you the happiest woman ever? It looks amazing! I am so happy for you, I wish I were there so you could whip me up a lava cake in you new clean oven. My loves: Island & cute bar stools, the white cabinets (it makes your kitchen look a lot bigger)AND you know the girl that loves to cook in me is totally digging your double oven action. I can not wait too see your morning room area. The out side looks fab and I am ready for Trevor to grill for me. YEAH! for the Stansburys.