Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Intentions

So, I had the best intentions of taking time to download photos and post while on vacation. Here I am, just a few days from returning home and I haven't posted a thing! You'll have to wait until I get home to see them. We have had a great time. We spent the 4th of July in my hometown and went to the town parade in the morning and fireworks in the evening. The kids loved it! We spent the next week at the Colorado River and enjoyed every minute (OK, except when the kids would fight) and the boys even got up on skiis. That's a story in itself. After that we spent a few days in Prescott, AZ with Trevor's parents and grandparents and then on to Mesa to visit with my grandmother, aunt, cousins & their kids. Back to LA on Wednesday to get Trevor to the airport and then down here to Newport Beach where we are currently staying with my dad. We went to Legoland yesterday where the boys fought incessently and today has been a day of eating and sleeping. Everyone is trashed. Rachel asked me this morning if I was sick. I assured her I was just tired and she replied, "Are you just a little bit sick?" I guess I'm looking sick at this point. We're off to the beach after naps (the kids are asleep right now) and perhaps a ride in a duffy boat in the bay that surrounds the island where my dad lives. I have to admit we've been living the life of luxury. I did wake up this morning, however, thinking that I was just about ready to go home. I'm not exactly sure why, because I know the kids will just be bored and constantly at each other's throats. Maybe I'm just craving a good night's sleep in my own bed with just my husband who doesn't kick me constantly during the night. Then again, maybe, just maybe there really is no place like home.