Monday, August 30, 2010

summer recap parte dos

WARNING: This post contains a gazillion photos. However, I feel the need to show you all aspects of my "old" kitchen so you can appreciate the "new".

Back in oh, February, Trevor and I decided it was time to move ahead on our long-awaited kitchen project. After months and months of waiting, we finally got started one week after school let out. We still aren't 100% finished, but we're close. I'm such a ding-dong (probably was just over anxious to start the project) that I didn't take any before photos. So, I had to dig through all of my old photos to find any that were taken in/of the kitchen.

I present to you: the "old"...

Our house in Arizona lacked any colors on the wall. I think we overcompensated when we moved into this house! Once we started painting, we couldn't stop. We ended up with what we affectionately called the "Crayola" house.

I always wanted a yellow and blue kitchen. I certainly had it! Take note of the windows and the vent over the stovetop.

I promise I didn't include this one to show off my attractiveness (anyone ever seen the Steve Martin movie, "Roxanne"?) Just focus on the junk room behind me. It has been a useless eye sore (who puts carpet in a sunroom where it's 90% humidity most of the summer?!) for the past 9 years and we finally decided to do something about it!

I know it's hard to take your eyes off my adorable daughter, but try for a second to check out the fridge and microwave/oven combo behind her.

Trevor obviously has a few lessons to learn about taking pictures of his wife...

Couldn't leave out the view from in the kitchen. See, proof that our house was Crayolaesque! For some reason that I can't pinpoint, we always craved mint chip ice cream while sitting in the family room watching TV and Trevor doesn't even like mint chip.

OK, I try to be photographed as little as possible. So, can someone please explain to me how I ended up in all of these?!? As you would remember from last year (because I know I am so popular and you have all been devotedly reading my blog, even with 14 month gaps between posts), we put in a new deck last year. Our renovation this year included the exterior of the sunroom (with the white windows that scream, "Look at me!").

The first week the Greg and John (our fabulous contractors - I happily recommend them) were here was better than summer camp. They were demo-ing the sunroom and apparently it was so entertaining, my kids set up this viewing area to watch them rip it apart. I not kidding when I say they spent the better part of the week in this very spot. Except for Timothy - he was out there hauling drywall and brick to the garbage (and talking John's ear off). I kept asking Greg if we were going to get a discount on our bill since Timothy did so much work.

When I was a kid, my parents remodeled just about every room in our house. Before putting up the new wallpaper, they would let us cover the walls with drawings. Not only was it fun to have permission to draw on the walls, but I'm sure it was quite the reward for subsequent owners when they had to strip all that wallpaper.

For Family Home Evening one night, I broke out a bunch of Sharpie's and let my kids have at it.

Let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief that I took this picture and that it wasn't taken of me! Here are a few of the results.

Is that a plea or a threat?

Was Trevor's a plea too (that the sunroom would turn out OK)? I love that he still loves me like a middle-schooler (I'm not kidding). However, I think it's missing "2gether 4ever".

Self-portrait by Rachel. I'm not sure who was wishing good luck, nor for what. I should have guessed that what it really meant was, "Good luck without a kitchen for the entire summer!"

The result? Well, you'll have to wait until tomorrow as I have to now go clean the kitchen and take photos of the "new".

Let me just say, it was worth the wait!

summer recap parte uno

That is "part one" for our English speaking friends...

Since now I actually have some uninterrupted time on my hands, I thought I would use some of it to document how we spent our summer this year.

Before a couple of days ago, the last post I wrote was about the Braves beating the prideful Cubs. That was soooooo last year's news. This year, Jonathan was actually drafted (I use the term very loosely) to the Cubs. Thank goodness there were new coaches and a completely new team. These coaches were kind and actually taught the boys to play hard and to be good sports!

They ended the season 14-0 and were runner-ups in the tournament. Jonathan was soooo mad they didn't win the tournament too. I'll admit I was a little bummed myself.

Collecting their "League Champions" t-shirts at the awards ceremony.

Jonathan even got some action behind the plate this year and loved every moment of it!

So this really my kid?!

The following photos represent what the girls did most of the season to keep themselves busy (when they weren't fighting with one another).

We are taking donations for her orthodontic work. I'm afraid it's going to break the bank.

Not quite sure what the tongue thing is all about but, quick, someone hand that girl a tissue!

Way to go Cubbies!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

our very own charlotte

This past Saturday night I opened the front door to take Bella out before going to bed. It's a darn good thing I turned on the light or I would have walked right into this HUGE web! It seems as though we have our very own resident spider. Trevor and I sat on the front porch watching her create her web for about an hour. It was fascinating. Just wish we had a better camera. The moon was full and we kept commenting how the scene was a photographer's dream. Too bad we only own a "point and shoot"!

Sunday night she was back! Same place, new web. I am astonished how she carefully spins a new web every night. It takes a couple of hours of non-stop work for her to complete her web. This night we woke up the kids and let them watch. They even had the pleasure of seeing her catch a moth, wrap it up and carry it to the center of her web where she dined while patiently waiting for another catch.

Night three Charlotte moved her web a few feet off of our front porch to between some bushes and has been there every night ever since. She's really big and looks as though she could potentially be quite dangerous, but she has now become sort of a "pet". We check for her every night before we go to bed to make sure she's there and again in the morning when we get up. She's always gone (as is her web) by the time the boys leave for the bus at 7:10 AM.

Six nights and counting...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

a long time a comin'

It's official! My baby got on the bus yesterday (@ 7:35 AM!) for all-day Kindergarten. Just look at that happy face (unlike that of the bus driver's). The smile was even larger when she got off the bus yesterday afternoon! My neighbor asked me if I was going to cry. Not after 9 years of a half-day schedule. Trevor called me about 10:oo am to ask me how my day was going. My response was, "The house is soooooo quiet and I'm loving every moment of it!" Maybe after a year+ of not blogging, I'll now be able to find some time to post.

Jonathan (5th grade) has graduated to the "early" bus this year and gets to ride again with his big 7th grade brother.

Look at all that stuff they had to haul to school the first day. It looks as though they're leaving for good!
Hannah (3rd grade) is now the last one to leave in the morning. I think she is enjoying having a 1/2 hour of just the two of us each day.